Characteristic Oxandrolone
Drug Class Anabolic Steroid
Brand Names Oxandrin, Anavar (among others)
Medical Uses Muscle-Wasting Conditions, Weight Loss Recovery
Common Dosages 5mg to 20mg per day
Side Effects Hepatotoxicity, Cardiovascular Issues, Virilization in Females

Main Sentences:

Oxandrolone, classified as an anabolic steroid, is available under brand names such as Oxandrin and Anavar.

Primarily used for medical purposes, it aids in treating conditions involving muscle wasting and facilitating weight gain during recovery from significant weight loss.

The typical dosages range from 5mg to 20mg per day, administered orally, with medical supervision crucial to avoid adverse effects.

Notable side effects include hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity), cardiovascular issues, and the risk of virilization in females, making regular monitoring essential.

Despite its medical uses, Oxandrolone is a controlled substance and is often illicitly used for performance enhancement, raising concerns about misuse and potential health risks.