Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order from WEMAILMD.COM?
We offer convenient ways for our customers to order from us online, ONLY by mail. Please click How to Order for complete ordering instructions.

Do you ship to United States, United Kingdom or ohter countries?
Yes, we ship to the most countries in the world. As like United Kingdom, Australia, and most other countries, like China, Europe, South America, Russia.
How much and what shipping do you offer?
We offer two ways of shipping, First way is standart, normal, regular delivery or RMS -Registered Mail Shipping, delivery time for RMS 10 – 20 days, depending from the country, also this shipping method do not required a signature, RMS shipping not trackable, but we can track only sending date from India, RMS Shipping is trackable in all another countries, shipping cost is 10 USD. Second way of shipping it’s couirer delivery or EMS – Express Mail Services, shipping time is fast this is trackable shipping method, we can track all steps of delivery, shipping cost 25 USD. We always offer shipping discounts for biggest orders.




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