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Active substance Testosterone Undecanoate
U.S. Brand Andriol / Restandol
Indian Brand Cernos
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Strength 40 mg per capsule
Form release blister 10 capsules
Shipping time 14 – 21 days
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Andriol / Restandol (Testosterone Undecanoate) released in capsules. We offer generic Andriol by brand name Cernos in same capsules, manucatured by Sun Pharma.

Andriol is used by men to make up for testosterone deficiency. Testosterone Undecanoate regulates protein and phosphorus metabolism in the body. Each Testosterone capsule contains 40 mg of testosterone dissolved in olinic acid.

After eating, the capsules are swallowed whole, without chewing, with a small amount of liquid. The initial dose is 120-160 mg per day (half the dose in the morning and the second half in the evening, when taking an odd number of capsules, take a higher dose in the morning) for 2-3 weeks, then 40-120 mg per day.

Storage conditions of the drug Andriol
At a temperature of 2–8 ° C.

  • Signs of excessive sexual stimulation;
  • sodium and water retention